Sneak Peek: 'Twisted' Cast Promises Insane Return


With the winter season premiere of ABC Family's mystery series Twisted less than a week away, we've got an exclusive sneak peek at the "insane" revelations fans can expect from the very first episode!

"Twisted, times ten,"  is the way actress Maddie Hasson -- who portrays Jo Masterson -- describes the kickoff of the series return, which airs next Tuesday, February 11 at 9/8 p.m. central on ABC Family. "The first episode, No. 1, is insane. Everything kind of gets flipped on its head. A lot happens in the first episode."

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"Everybody you think you trusted is now maybe not as trustworthy," adds Avan Jogia, whose troubled character Danny Desai is the prime suspect in a "twisted" murder investigation.

"A lot of questions are answered in the first two episodes," adds Kylie Bunbury," who plays Lacey Porter. "But then right when you get your answers, there are more questions, and that's why it's called Twisted."

Watch the video for upcoming scenes from the mysterious winter season of Twisted.