Penguins In Tuxes On 'Say Yes To The Dress'?


Bride-to-be Amanda has expensive tastes, which, lucky for her, she can afford thanks to her father's bank account. She's already bought herself a $30,000 wedding gown and $9,000 worth of stiletto wedding heels, but she wants her special day to really pop!

At her wedding, she is set to take her vows under a $25,000 canopy, and a massively-expensive ice room, filled with ice sculptures and ice furniture. But what she really wants is something she can't legally have: live penguins.

In this exclusive clip from the extravagant upcoming episode of Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day special, Amanda goes to a penguin habitat to get up close and personal with the flightless birds she loves so much. Since she can't have them at her wedding, she wants to at least get her picture with them.

However, the penguins end up being much different than she imagined. They smell bad, they are loud, and they never stop biting. Will this first-hand experience with penguins help Amanda get over the idea of wanting them at her wedding?

Tune in to the Say Yes to the Dress: The Big Day special, airing this Friday on TLC.