'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Gets His Speed On at Daytona


NASCAR fans were treated with the racing version of the Super Bowl on Sunday when Dale Earnhardt Jr was declared the winner of a rainy Daytona 500. ET's Rob Marciano was there for the festivities and also caught up with The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis to test out the track and take a tire-changing challenge!

Juan was able to experience his "need for speed" in a Daytona 500 pace car traveling more than 100 mph and he told Rob afterwards that he likes driving fast in his home country of Venezuela, where there are often no speed limits.

VIDEO: Strip Ping-Pong with 'Bachelor' Juan Pablo!

"It's funny to think about us driving there, and just thinking about the
race -- how they bump each other and all that -- and they're not going
130 mph, they're probably going 200 mph," he said about his ride around the historic race track.  

When asked whether the speedy ride was scarier than trying to choose a bride out of 27 Bachelor contestants, Juan responded, "I think driving the car is easier. Picking the right one is scarier." He added: "When you drive you don't have to send people home. So I guess driving is easier." 

Watch the video to also see Rob and Juan face off in their pit stop tire-changing challenge!

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