Arsenio Brings Leno Back To Late Night!


Just a week or so after relinquishing The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno showed up on The Arsenio Hall Show with a big announcement.

Leno's special guest appearance on the show was to reveal that Aresnio's late-night program has been picked up for a second season!

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Ditching his usual suit and showing up in jeans and a blazer, the 63-year-old TV personality snuck up on his friend and handed him an envelope. "For some reason they thought I would be the best person to deliver this," Leno told Arsenio, 48. "They don't know. ...Nobody else knows what this is."

He then reads, "The Arsenio Hall show has been picked up, will continue for a second season!"

Leno quipped after surprising Arsenio, "He's more annoyed that I knew before he did!"

When asked if he would return to the show to do some comedy, Leno joked, "Actually, I'm going to be hosting for the second season. They didn't tell you that part."

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