'Little Couple' In India To See Adopted Daughter


TLC's The Little Couple stars Jen and Bill Arnold have spent over a year working through the process of adopting a baby from an adoption agency in India. Now, after all that waiting, the loving couple, along with their adopted seven-month-old son Will, are traveling to the crowded Indian city of Mumbai to meet Zoey, the wonderful new addition to their lives.

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, Bill and Jen travel the bustling city streets in one of Mumbai's poorer neighborhoods, in order to reach Zoey's orphanage, which used to be a prison.

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The eager parents are full of fear and anxiety over meeting their new daughter, and they are concerned about her health and how she will get along with their adopted son.

This heartfelt episode of The Little Couple airs Tuesday, March 4 at 10/9c on TLC.

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