WATCH: Theresa Caputo's Revealing Couple's Quiz

The Long Island Medium and her husband Larry score big!

The Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo has made a career talking to dead people. Along the way, her loving husband Larry has been right by her side, even when he didn't totally understand the situation.

Now, for ET, Theresa and Larry sit down with Brooke Anderson to explore the history of their relationship, including Larry's initial reaction to Theresa's visions, and they even play a super-fun couple's quiz.

Who's the most romantic? They both admit it's Larry. Who spoils their kids more? Again the couple agrees, and it's Theresa. But when it comes to who's the funniest? That’s when they had a difference of opinion. Check it out!

Tune in to the Season 5 premiere of Long Island Medium, Sunday, March 9 at 9/8c on TLC.