Jimmy Kimmel Talks Being a Good Dad at SXSW


ET Canada recently caught up with Jimmy Kimmel at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, where he's taping his late night show all week!

"I love the food, I love all the music -- just the festival spirit that is here. And it's not like, crazy, where you feel people are going to throw up on you," he joked. "It's laid-back. It's got a Texas feel to it."

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And who's the one guest he insisted on booking this week?

Country music legend Willie Nelson!

"I called Willie and I said, 'Listen, we have to have you on this,'" he shared. "We can not come to Austin -- I will call off the trip if we don't have Willie Nelson on the show, so it should be fun."

The busy host also talked about expecting another child with his wife Molly McNearney, and shared that he has no qualms about putting his son/daughter to work.

"I'm looking for someone, hopefully this kid could help me somehow," he joked. "Listen, my dad used to make me, like, help him on the lawn. I want this kid to help me write jokes or something."

As for what kind of father he is now, Kimmel has mixed feelings.

"I'm a pretty good father. In fact, my daughter was here with us over the weekend, she's in college. So we had a few drinks together -- so maybe not such a good one," he laughed.

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Check out the video to hear his thoughts on the newest late night host Seth Meyers.