Jason Dohring Talks 'V Mars' Cameos and Fan Extras


Jason Dohring, who plays Logan Echolls in Veronica Mars, is telling ETonline what it was like acting alongside fans who made the new movie possible and how its Kickstarter success is influencing Hollywood.  What’s he revealing about the celebrity cameos in the film?  Watch the video above.

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Thanks to the eager fans of the Veronica Mars TV series who contributed to the film’s Kickstarter campaign (started by director Rob Thomas last April), the movie is the first one funded by fans through social media and the third-highest grossing project in Kickstarter history.  Over $5.7 million was raised by more than 91 thousand people, with an amazing $2 million brought in during the first 10 hours of the campaign.

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Some of the lucky fans who donated won a chance to be extras in the movie, sharing scenes with Kristen Bell and the whole gang during a club scene that ends up turning into a brawl.  Already confirmed by The CW is a Veronica Mars spinoff series based on Ryan Hansen’s character, Dick Casablancas.

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Veronica Mars hits theaters Friday, March 14.

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