Sneak Peek: Kathy & Melissa Bond on 'Mike & Molly'


Kathy Bates
returns to the sitcom world on tonight's episode of Mike & Molly and we've got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Kathy's hilarious guest starring role as the B-F-F of Mike's mom!

"When they said they want you, I was like, OK, I'm there! I'm there!" Kathy said. "And when they said, 'Do you want another character,' I said, no, I'll play a giraffe with orange spots. I don't care, I'm there, I'm there."

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Kathy also spoke about how the guest-starring gig came to be. "I just kept giving her hints about what different kind of characters I could play on her show. Kind of subtlety and not that subtle." Melissa McCarthy adds, "Yeah, not that subtle."

Watch the video to see the kind of on and off-screen bonding took place during the Mike & Molly episode, which airs tonight at 9 on CBS.

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