Keith Carradine Plays Washed Up Rocker on 'NCIS'


On the hit CBS crime drama NCIS, the team must investigate the bombing of a military charity concert, and it seems that the real, intended target of the attack may have been a washed up '80s rock star. But could there be something more dangerous in motion?

Oscar-winner Keith Carradine guest stars as the drunken ex-rocker Manheim Gold, who leads the NCIS team through his past to discover the identity of the bomber, and the reason behind the attacks.

In these two sneak peeks, we are introduced to the legendary Manheim Gold, who has just been rousted out of the drunk tank. Manheim also takes the team to the laundry facility he operates, and shows them just how far he's fallen since his rock n' roll glory days.

Rock And A Hard Place
, this explosive new episode of NCIS, airs Tuesday, March 18 at 8/7c on CBS.

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