WATCH: 'The Little Couple' Faces Jen's Cancer Diagnosis


The Little Couple stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein react to Jen's cancer diagnosis in this emotional episode.

The Little Couple stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein faced Jen's cancer diagnosis head-on in Tuesday night's emotional episode.

"It's not good," Jen, 39, admits before revealing she has stage three cancer.

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The sad news comes after Jen and Bill finally get through all the adoption proceedings to take home a little girl named Zoey from India. Jen's trip is cut short as she is forced to return to the U.S. for health reasons, leaving Bill in New Delhi.

"I ended up going through multiple tests to find out why I had been bleeding so badly in India, and as it turns out I have a form of cancer called gestational trophoblastic neoplasm -- stage three," she reveals. She adds that she has a "rapidly growing" tumor in her uterus that was causing the bleeding. "Thankfully, nothing in my brain or liver."

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"When you first hear it, you hear 'cancer,' my heart sank. I felt nauseous," Bill admits. "I didn't have control. There's nothing you can do. It scares the hell out of you."

Jen adds, "Clearly we don't want my cancer diagnosis to overshadow in any way the adoption of our daughter. That's the best part. That's what's getting me through the cancer diagnosis, is getting Zoey home and acclimated."

Bill is super supportive of his wife, especially when she starts losing her hair. "You don't need hair in order to look pretty," he tells his wife. "You're perfect. I thought you looked cute. Now I can see your ears."

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