'Zonked' Contestants Get Another Chance on 'Let's Make a Deal'


Fans of the CBS game show Let's Make a Deal know all about the bizarre "zonk" booby prizes doled out on the show. But now some of those previously "zonked" traders are getting a second chance to redeem themselves and win big-money prizes!

The second annual Zonk Redemption Show returns to Let's Make a Deal on April 1, when an audience filled with previously zonked traders from the previous five seasons will get a second chance at over $122,000 in cash and prizes.

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Host Wayne Brady will also orchestrate two audience giveaways for zonked traders who’ll be hoping to make better choices the second time around and be redeemed.

Check your local listings for the CBS station where you can check out the Zonk Redemption Show, where tensions are sure to be high since the only thing worse than getting zonked once in front of millions of people is getting zonked twice!