Surprise! 'HIMYM' Mother's Name Already Revealed in Season 1


The great mystery of hit CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother was finally solved Monday night during the series finale when it was revealed that The Mother's name is Tracy McConnell. But what many viewers probably missed is the fact that the name Tracy was already disclosed in Season 1.

In the episode "Belly Full of Turkey," which originally aired in November 2005, Ted (Josh Radnor) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) go to a strip club with Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) for Thanksgiving. Ted ends up striking up a conversation with a woman working at the club who initially identifies herself as Amber, but later reveals her real name to be Tracy.

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The story then flashes forward to Ted telling his kids, "And that's the
story of How I Met Your Mother," before he clarifies to the children that of course he was joking. But it turns out he wasn't joking after all, as revealed in last night's much-buzzed-about finale

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