Halle Berry Plays Astronaut In Chilling 'Extant' Teaser


Not a lot is known about the plot of the upcoming sci-fi series Extant, aside from the fact that it stars Halle Berry as astronaut Molly Woods, who returns home after a yearlong solo mission in space.

Unfortunately, this brief trailer doesn't let us know a whole lot more than that, other than the crucial detail that Molly Woods does not "return alone."

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However, it is the first real glimpse we get of Berry in her space suit, which is followed by several rapid-fire shots of her with her family, and finally a pink ultrasound and Berry waking up startled. Of course, for the full effect, it's set to appropriately haunting music.

While the teaser doesn't give much away, it does whet the appetite. But eager viewers still have some time to wait -- Extant debuts July 9 on CBS.

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