Nick Cannon Addresses White Face Uproar on 'Rachael Ray'

Nick Cannon's message seems to be "lighten up" -- advice he took literally in a recent Instagram post.

After all the controversy surrounding his white face stunt on Instagram, Nick Cannon made an appearance on The Rachael Ray Show, airing his grievances about the negative reaction.

"Some people can't take a joke, but I wasn't trying to reach those people anyway," said Cannon, 33. "I'm reaching people who have senses of humor."

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On March 24, Cannon posed in white face to promote his new album White People Party Music, available now. When he posted the photos of his new persona, named Connor Smallnut, to Instagram, uproar ensued with some commenters calling the America's Got Talent host "racist" and "hypocritical."

"I did that on purpose," Cannon said of his marketing ploy. "I've been planning this for over a year -- to release my album on April Fool's Day, call it White People Party Music and dress up as that character, Connor Smallnut. The funny thing is, if you listen to the album, or go into the backstory of that character, that character is an ultra-sensitive character, who hates Nick Cannon and is offended by the album title White People Party Music."

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