EXCLUSIVE: Jane Fonda Talks Sex, Teenagers & Parenting on 'The Doctors'


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's Jane Fonda, one of the most famous sex symbols of the 1960s and famed political activist, went on The Doctors to talk about sex, adolescence and gender roles.

Fonda, who was promoting her new book Being A Teen, talked about dealing with the pressure of being an adolescent. 

"[Teen girls] have so much more pressure from the media. You're supposed to be sexy, you're supposed to be thin… and yet family values and societal values kind of say, 'Be a good girl, and a virgin until you're married.' Conflicting messages are coming at them, " said Fonda, 76.

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However, the actress stresses that the pressure on young men isn't any less confusing.

"The message to boys is, 'Be a man. Don't cry. Don't show emotion. Don't love your mother too much. All those kinds of things," said Fonda. "And it develops a kind of toxic masculinity."

Check out Fonda's enlightening appearance on The Doctors on Wednesday, April 9. Check here for local listings.

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