ET Now: Robin Williams and Pam Dawber Reunite as 'Mork & Mindy'


Robin Williams and Pam Dawber starred together in Mork & Mindy decades ago, and they're bringing their hit characters back to the small screen Thursday night on the CBS hit comedy, The Crazy Ones.

ET was on set with the pair and got a behind the scenes look at what the special episode will be like, and what it's like for them to work together again after so many years.

"It's been what? 32 years," Williams joked. "I remember there were three cameras and they shot on film." 

The stars were 27-years-old when Mork & Mindy debuted in 1978. Though decades have passed, their on-screen chemistry seems just as strong now as it was way back when. 

Be sure to click on the video above to see them back in action!