Pig Hunting Star of 'Boss Hog' Makes Up His Own Wiener Song


The pig-hunting star of Discovery's reality series Boss Hog has already established himself as quite the colorful character. And in this sneak peek from the next episode, he demonstrates his creative outdoor cooking skills and makes up his own wiener song! 

The series showcases the freewheeling and sometimes wacky antics of BBQ entrepreneur Pigman, who enlists his reluctant team to hunt wild hogs.

VIDEO: Bring on the Pigs... Meet the Real-Life Boss Hog!

In this preview clip, Pigman offers a musical explanation of how his dinner of fire-roasted wieners and beans reminds him of square dancing.  

Watch the video for more from the upcoming episode of Boss Hog, which airs this Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery.

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