How Robin Thicke Told His Dad He Wasn't Going to College


Blurred Lines singer Robin Thicke will make an appearance on his father Alan Thicke's new reality show Unusually Thicke, and in this clip from the highly anticipated series, Robin gives some big brother advice to his youngest brother Carter – only the 16-year-old predictably isn’t taking it so well!

As Carter experiments with a few summer jobs, Robin says he can't relate because he was already working on his music career from the age of 15.

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"'Oh, I wrote a song with Usher when I was 15,'" Carter hilariously mocks him. "Guess what I was doing when I was 15? I don't actually remember much, it was only a year ago. But, like, I probably got an A on, like, phys. ed. or something."

But Robin reveals that he was only able to convince their father, who clearly values education, to allow him not to attend college because he was already making strides as a musician at a young age.

"Well, the problem is, I knew I was never going to college from very early on. The difference was that I worked on something every day to make sure I didn't have to go to college," Robin, now 37, reveals. "It's easy to say, 'I'm not going to college, but I have no plan,' then you can't not go to college ... At least I had a reason to say, 'Hey dad, if this whole music thing doesn't work out in a few years, I could go back to college.'"

Though as Carter points out, it's safe to say that Robin chose the correct route for himself.

Check out the clip to hear why Alan hopes Carter goes into the porn business!

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Unusually Thicke, a reality sitcom following the life of the Growing Pains star, 67, as well as his third wife Tanya, 39, premieres Wednesday at 10/9c on TVGN.