Minaj on 'Housewives' Fight: 'Someone Would of Got Knocked Upside the Head'


ET correspondent Lance Bass recently interviewed the always outspoken Nicki Minaj about her new film The Other Woman, where the talk quickly turned to the reality TV fight that everybody's talking about -- the spat between Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams that actually got physical.

Nicki, who's previously admitted to being a Real Housewives of Atlanta fan, had some choice words about the situation -- specifically, how she would have handled it!

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"Being that I do love Kenya -- if it was someone else, and not Kenya, I would've said, 'She got what was coming to her.' She definitely provoked Porsha," she tells ET, referring to Kenya calling Porsha a "dumb ho" over a bullhorn. "I mean, I wouldn't of sat there and let nobody do that to me. ... I wouldn't have been able to handle it. Someone would have had to get knocked upside the head."

Though Nicki did express sympathy for both women.

"I think they're just regular women, trying to find themselves on reality TV. Like, that must not be an easy task," she muses. "You're going through your problems, you're sad, you got people making fun of your problems on TV, in front of the world ..."

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Check out the video to hear why Nicki thinks Kenya is "very smart."