Joan Rivers on Tori & Dean: She Should Just Learn To Accept These Things


Joan Rivers, 80, is known for always telling it like it is, and the comedian pulled no punches when it came to chatting with ET's Rocsi Diaz over breakfast at Art's Delicatessen & Restaurant in Studio City, Calif. Friday about the latest headlines taking over Hollywood!

So what does Joan think about Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's much talked-about reality show True Tori, which deals with the aftermath of Dean's admission that he cheated on Tori?

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"I'm sorry for her, but she should have known," Joan said bluntly, referring to the fact that both Tori and Dean were married when they met.

"It's like, cheaters are cheaters, are cheaters," Melissa Rivers added. “You're not gonna reform them.”

Though according to Joan, perhaps Tori should just learn to accept Dean’s extramarital affairs.

"And you … learn to live with it, " she surprisingly said. “I know my husband in bed would say, ’How was that?,’ and I hear another voice under the cover going, ‘Swell, how was it for Joan?’ I mean, you just have to accept these things. "

Check out the video to hear if Melissa and Joan think True Tori is "TMI."

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