'The Little Couple' Celebrates Will's First Bday Party in the U.S.


Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are celebrating their son Will's fourth birthday on tonight's episode of The Little Couple, and in this brand-new clip we get a peek at the celebration, which had an adorable safari theme!

The celebration was especially important, given it was Will's first birthday party in the U.S. since being adopted last year from Beijing.

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According to Jennifer, Will's favorite part was feeding the giraffes.

"I think it's part of his personality that he likes to do for others, he likes to look out for others," she says. "And I think he equates eating with happiness, and so feeding them made him happy, because he felt he was making the giraffes happy."

Check out the video for a look at the family's big day at the zoo!

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The Little Couple airs tonight on TLC.