SNL's 'The Beygency': Andrew Garfield Doesn't Like 'Drunk In Love'! (MUST-WATCH)


This is what happens when you mess with Beyonce.

How could anyone not like Beyonce's Drunk In Love? Andrew Garfield soon finds out the consequences of voicing his negative opinions about the Queen B in Saturday Night Live's sketch The Beygency.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2
is instantly on the run, with his identity disappearing, after he reveals that he isn't a fan of all of Mrs. Carter's entire body of work. That's when the secret agents of The Beygency take aim at him.

's Keifer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub even make cameos as another pair of Bey-haters, with Sutherland even sporting a "#1 Rihanna" tattoo. They don't survive after they mention that Irreplaceable is her only good song. 

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Warning, the SNL spoof trailer is rated NC-17 for "mild language against Beyonce."

Is this SNL's best sketch of the season?