Leslie Mann Offers Judd Apatow Bedroom Incentive for Winning Comedy Gold

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Leslie Mann gives husband a bedroom incentive for bringing home comedy gold.

Leslie Mann will join a star-studded group of presenters -- including Chris Rock, Lake Bell, Bill Hader, Aubrey Plaza and Patrick Stewart -- at this week's telecast of the American Comedy Awards on NBC. But in this sneak peek clip from the show, Leslie reveals how she’s applying pressure to her nominee husband, Judd Apatow, to bring home comedy gold!

"I'm deeply honored to present the award for best comedy film" Leslie tells the audience in the clip. "It's extra special for me because my husband, Judd Apatow Mann, is one of the nominees for Anchorman 2."

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She then explains her sexual incentive for him to win the comedy awards. "So I told him before the show that if he doesn't bring home the gold, I'm not going to do it with him for a year. So let's see how this works out for me," she says before revealing the winner.

The American Comedy Awards -- airing Thursday, May 8 at 9 p.m. on NBC -- will honor those who have achieved new heights during the past year in both film and television, as well as pay tribute to some of comedy’s most enduring personalities. Chris Rock will present the Johnny Carson Award for Comedic Excellence to Bill Cosby.