Sneak Peek: Learning to Take a Sexy Selfie On 'Faking It'

Taking a selfie requires talents to show off your best assets, as Lauren learns in this exclusive clip from MTV's Faking It.

Taking selfies can be hard. What angle should you take them from? What lighting should you use? How much nudity should be involved?

In this exclusive clip from MTV's new romantic comedy series Faking It, Shane, played by Michael Willett, catches Lauren, played by Bailey Buntain, taking a topless selfie. But she's doing it all wrong, and he just wants to help.

Faking It
follows two high school girls, Amy and Karma, who gain popularity when they are incorrectly outed as lesbians. However, the incident makes them instantly popular so they decide to keep up the ruse in order to maintain that popularity.  But things get complicated when Amy begins to realize she might actually have feelings for Karma!

This episode of Faking It, "Know Thy Selfie," airs Tuesday, May 13 at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.