Teaser: New 'Extreme Weight Loss' Season Promises Life Transformations


The new cycle of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss is right around the corner and ET's got a sneak peek of the emotionally charged upcoming fourth season. 

In this teaser clip we learn that this time around, Extreme Weight Loss personal trainer Chris Powell and his wife Heidi enlist the help of Dr. Holly Wyatt, a medical doctor and nutrition specialist. The series follows 13 dangerously obese men and women who train with Chris and Heidi in an attempt to shed massive amounts of weight over the course of a year with the goal of leading healthier, happier lives.

VIDEO: Extreme Weight Loss Brings On Doctor For New Season

"We choose you for the transformation of your life -- this is the turning around point, say it again," Chris tells one of the contestants. "This is your life, this is your year -- choose to change now," Heidi belts to another.

Chris makes clear to the weight-loss seekers that not only is the process difficult, but that they sometimes must push themselves literally to the physical brink. "I want you to take yourself to the point where you think you're going to pass out. I want you to scare yourself. Because this is the feeling of you getting stronger. You'll know what you just did here today. And we'll do it again tomorrow and we'll do it again the day after that... for the next 365 days - until nothing stops you."

Watch the video to also see Chris' response when one of the contestants asks him to accompany her to her homecoming dance. You can catch the new season of Extreme Weight Loss beginning Tuesday May 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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