TV Changes: What's in Store for the Fall?


What's changing on TV this fall? Which of your favorite familiar faces will return, and who will bid goodbye? We have the details.

Which big stars are coming back to CBS to foster big ratings on the big franchises? Try Dylan McDermott, Scott Bakula, Patricia Arquette, Bebe Neuworth, Tea Leoni and Josh Duhamel.

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Diversity is also the name of the game, with big names Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis and Terence Howard all heading to the small screen.

Watch the video to see how some of these stars feel about returning to primetime, and which shows they'll be headlining, from Battle Creek on CBS to How To Get Away with Murder on ABC, which finds Grey's Anatomy moved to an earlier 8 p.m. time slot. Will that change the content of the fan-favorite Shonda Rhimes show?