Inside Barbara Walters' Last Show on 'The View'


Barbara Walters taped her final co-hosting episode of The View on Thursday, where some of the most well-known female journalists on TV showed up to honor the veteran news anchor, and ET was on hand for all of their reactions.

Oprah Winfrey, Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Connie Chung, Savannah Guthrie and Lisa Ling were just some of those in attendance.

"I was not going to cry in front of Barbara Walters," Oprah told ET's Rob Marciano. "I think we all got a little teary seeing everybody walk out that way, because you get to see in real time the example that she set. That was pretty darn impressive. Whoever had that idea -- that was a pretty good idea."

Special guests were also impressive. The show was able to book Hillary Clinton and Michael Douglas unbeknownst to Barbara.

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"I wasn't told about any of it," Barbara told Rob. "Everybody kept it secret. I don't know how all these big mouths kept a secret."

Of course Barbara's departure begs the question: Who could possibly fill her shoes? In the past, Barbara has said that she could imagine a man replacing her on The View, so who is on Barbara's short list of potential male hosts? She kept a tight lid on the subject.

"We will have several months until the fall to try several people out," said Barbara.

Barbara's final episode airs tomorrow morning at 11 ET/10 C on ABC.