Holy Competition! Inside the Bible Quiz Show That's A TV Hit

Host Jeff Foxworthy chats with ET to share the secrets to the show's success.

The Chase, The Newlywed Game
, and Minute To Win It all air on the Game Show Network. But, none of them are number one.

Turns out the number one show on the network for two years running is The American Bible Challenge.

The show, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, brings in teams of Bible enthusiasts from across America to put their knowledge about the Good Book to the test in a variety of challenges.

But just why does this show resonate with such a wide audience?

"Every week it's nun's playing next to tattoo artists playing next to rodeo cowboys and street rappers," Foxworthy said.

Just as all the contestants are very different, so are all the games.

"They went and took words out of Star Trek movies and said is this is the Bible or is it in a Star Trek movie," Foxworthy joked. "I'm thinking, 'That's too easy.' And then I started looking at the list and I didn't know!"

Check out this video to learn more about The American Bible Challenge on Game Show Network.