'Extreme Weight Loss' Debut: Slugger Sheds Pounds on Way to the Majors


In the new season of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss, personal trainer Chris Powell promises a series of firsts in the series -- among them a person deciding to quit the show, as well as bringing in doctors to assist desperate weight-loss seekers. In this sneak peek preview, viewers are also introduced to an aspiring baseball player trying to shed pounds so he has a chance at making it in the pros. 

"All the major league teams, they know who he is -- but nobody will take him because he can't even run the bases," Chris says about 19-year-old Ty -- a 6-foot-4 slugger with a wicked swing, but remains about 300 pounds overweight. 

VIDEO: Extreme Weight Loss Brings On Doctor For New Season

"I broke the high school consecutive home run record -- I swung this bat and hit 10 consecutive HRs in front of more scouts and more players than I've ever seen in my life. But after I stopped swinging, everyone disappeared," Ty said. 

When Chris and the Extreme Makeover team step in to help, Ty is thrilled -- until he has to strip down and get on the scale to get the actual weight number -- 480 pounds. "I didn't know, I really did not know I weighed that much -- it was embarrassing," Ty said. 

Watch the video for more and you can catch the launch of the new season of Extreme Weight Loss tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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