Prepare to be 'Spooked' By New Paranormal Comedy (WATCH)


With more than 10,000 reports of paranormal activity each year and over 350 ghost hunters in the country…this gang of investigators is the cheapest.

X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer and actress/comedian Felicia Day (Supernatural) are producing a new digital comedy series called Spooked, which plans to mix things up with laughs, scares and heart.

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The four-episode weekly web series follows a ragtag group of ghost hunters who team up to form the Paranormal Investigation Team (P.I.T.) and investigate supernatural happenings across the country.  Among the dynamic bunch is team leader Connor (Julian Curtis), occult specialist Morgan (Ashley Johnson, The Avengers), tech wizard Lindsey (Neil Grayston), fanboy Elliot (Derek Mio) and Connor’s little sister, Piper (Shyloh Oostwald), the team's secret weapon, given her ability to talk to ghosts.  Together, the P.I.T. members encounter aliens, spirits and a variety of other weird, unexplainable events as they search for signs of the paranormal.

Spooked premieres Wednesday, June 4 on Hulu and Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry YouTube channel.

Watch the trailer above to see some of the team's goofy and creepy situations as they try to solve cases.