Remembering 'Brady Bunch' Star Ann B. Davis


We look back at the life and career of late The Brady Bunch favorite Ann B. Davis, aka Alice, who passed away this weekend at 88.

From talking about her twin sister and her initial career aspiration to be a doctor, to winning two Emmys for her role on The Bob Cummings Show way before The Brady Bunch came along, watch the video to find out more about the individual who became one of America's all-time favorite TV characters.

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"They wrote me such gorgeous things to do -- they wanted an intermediary between kids and adults and kids," Davis told ET about her role on the classic sitcom. "They gave me funny things to do and I did them funny."

Davis passed away at the age of 88 after falling down in her home in San Antonio, Texas and hitting her head. She was rushed to the hospital but never recovered from her injuries.