How Alyssa Milano Hides Baby Bump on 'Mistresses'


While Alyssa Milano's pregnancy is bringing a bundle of joy into the world, it's also thrown a monkey wrench into her show Mistresses.

The 41-year-old actress spoke to ET ahead of the long-awaited Mistresses season premiere, dishing on how the show is keeping her pregnancy hidden for the upcoming season.

"Hiding the pregnancy is kind of always like a Saturday Night Live skit," said Milano, who is expecting a girl. "My purses just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger."

This will mark Milano's second child with husband David Bugliari -- they couple already have a son together -- 2-year-old Milo.

The second season of Mistresses returns tonight, picking up after Savannah's horrific car crash that left her hospitalized. The episode airs at 10/9c on ABC.