It's a 'Growing Pains' Reunion on 'Unusually Thicke'


Alan Thicke reunites the Growing Pains cast for the mid-season finale of his reality show Unusually Thicke, and we have a sneak peek.

In the clip, Alan's agent Todd convinces him to get the Seaver family back together for a parenting book, seeing it as a way to put the cast on the fast track to making a Growing Pains feature film. While Alan eventually gave in, it wasn't an easy sell.

"I have nothing new about parenting. Why another book? I don't have it in me," Alan argued, noting that he's already put all of his parenting knowledge into his previous books, How to Raise Kids Who Won't Hate You and How Men Have Babies.

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After acquiescing, Alan privately told cameras, "My agent Todd has frankly no moral compass whatsoever, which makes him a great agent."

John Stamos also makes a cameo in the mid-season finale of Unusually Thicke airing tonight at 10 p.m. only on TVGN.