'Bachelor' Winner Spills Show Sex Secrets!


Courtney Robertson thought she found true love on The Bachelor season 16 with Ben Flajnik, but it turns out that really wasn't her happily ever after. The two got engaged in January 2011 and broke up 10 months later in October.

But this isn't the story of a jilted ex, it's also a tell-all about what really goes down on the show. The 30-year-old model has written all about it in her new book, I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain, and telling ET what really went down.

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"I had a bad feeling about it, because it's unnatural," she revealed about the 150 question test she had to take before going on the show. "You know, like STD testing, psych tests."

While they received STD tests, one thing that wasn’t given was condoms in the fantasy suite on her overnight date.

"They just weren't there. I mean, maybe he had them, but it didn't come up," the model revealed. "And I didn't think at the time, I don’t know. I mean me being naive, I just assumed he didn't do anything with anyone else."

So just what led to Courtney and Ben breaking up?

"There was a lot of different reasons," she told ET. "To sum it up we were just very different. I never felt like a priority."

Check out this video to hear more of Courtney's details from her time on the show!