Go Inside the 'Major Crimes' Morgue


Ever wanted to see inside of a morgue? Well, now’s your chance … sort of.

Season three of the hit TNT series Major Crimes debuted last week and ET is taking viewers behind-the-scenes of the show and inside of the morgue!

We got a tour from the series coroner, Jonathan Del Arco, who revealed that the set is more realistic than we might think.

"This is an exact replica of the LA County morgue,” the actor admitted.

But how to the actors feel about working in such an authentic post-mortem environment? According to the show’s star, Mary McDonnell, it has its ups and downs.

"There was this scene, last year, where the decomposition of the body was so overwhelming that we were all physically blown back the minute we walked in the room,” the 62-year-old told us. “We literally came away from it sick. Every once in a while I'm affected viscerally that way."

Check out the video above to hear more about the show and what to expect from the rest of season three!