'Girl Meets World': 5 Things You Need to Know About Cory and Topanga's New Family!


World, meet girl!

After months of impatiently waiting, Boy Meets World fans are finally getting the chance to reunite with their favorite '90s couple: Cory and Topanga. 14 years later, Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage are back on the small screen, and now it's time for brand new generation to fall in love with the Matthews family with the series premiere of Girl Meets World.

We've already seen tonight's adorably awesome episode, (subtle brag intended!) and we're ready to spill five things that you absolutely need to know about the new Disney Channel series. Take a look at our video above for the inside scoop on Cory and Topanga's parenting skills, the return of Shawn Hunter's perfect hair and more!

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Boy (and Girl) Meets World creator Michael Jacobs exclusively spilled to ETonline that he's thrilled for audiences to finally get a chance to see the series. "I think the new audience coming in is going to love this and love these girls." The showrunner said. "They’re just very real and very interesting."

But for those of you who think Girl Meets World is just a silly kids show—think again. "We’re not writing down to an audience, we’re always writing up," Jacobs explained. "We wrote up with Boy and we’re doing that with again with this."

However, Jacobs cautions that he does not want Boy Meets World fans to compare 157 episodes-worth of a series to this first half-hour introduction.

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"It’s not about 19-year-olds anymore, it’s about 12 year olds," the executive producer stresses. "The point is, Cory was just 11 years on Boy Meets World when the pilot started. We have to get you to fall in love with these girls, like you fell in love with Cory and Shawn and Topanga and then [the affection] will grow."

Not to worry, BMW fans, Jacobs promises that the new series "evolves very quickly" and if you hang in there for the first five episodes, you'll be "deeply and ritually rewarded."

Plus, did we mention that Rider Strong will be back to reprise his fan-favorite role as Shawn Hunter? Jacobs exclusively told ET that audiences will definitely get a love update from Cory's best friend. "We’ll see him in another episode later this season that actually sort resolves what happened between Shawn and Angela," he said.

Finally, we're getting some answers!

Don’t miss the series premiere of Girl Meets World tonight at 9:45 p.m. on Disney Channel.

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