EXCLUSIVE! 'Almost Royal's British Aristocrats Give the Most Perfect Analogy for Independence Day


Fact: Americans love the Fourth of July.

From the delicious cookouts to the dazzling fireworks, we love our patriotic celebrations as the land of the free. However, there are some who are baffled at The United States' annual red, white and blue extravaganza.

George and Poppy Carlton, the stars of BBC America's hilarious hit series, Almost Royal, are perplexed at our American customs. Luckily for us, they have graciously provided us with the absolute best Independence Day analogy we have ever heard.

"I think with Independence Day, it's like you think you want the independence, but actually you realize later that you need the support," Poppy Carlton regally explained. "Like when you're 18 and you want to run off to the university to have sex with everyone, but eventually you have to come home, because you've run out of money, and you want to sleep under duvets that aren't covered in sick."

It makes perfect sense, right?

Check out our exclusive (and hysterical!) video above to find out exactly how George and Poppy feel about two of America's most beloved holidays: Independence Day and St. Patrick's Day!

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