How Halle Berry Juggled Motherhood & Her 'Back Breaking' Job on 'Extant'


Halle Berry makes her big TV comeback in Extant, a new sci-fi thriller on CBS. But before the highly anticipated debut, ET's Nancy O'Dell sits down with the show's star and co-producer to find out how she was able to juggle her many responsibilities on set while also nursing her newborn baby. She also shares what we can expect from the futuristic drama, premiering Wednesday.

"It's been difficult. Honestly, because of the back breaking pace that television is," Halle admits to Nancy about wearing both the actor and producer hat, while also nursing her 8 month-old son Mateo. "It's been a lot but I happily say it's been rewarding and fun and I think I've risen to the challenge."

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So what lured the working mother of two back to television?

"The first thing was story, story, story. It was good!" she gushes. "And when I found out it was TV, it was Steven Spielberg, CBS, [it was] more of a reason to do it."

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Executive Producer Steven Spielberg enticed Halle to play Molly Woods, an astronaut who after returning to Earth from a 13-month solo mission in space learns that she is pregnant. It's a mystery that will ultimately play out during the series run and those unanswered questions that Halle explains drives the plot.

"That's the conflict of our show," Halle explains. "You come home to something you cannot explain." She adds, "There's all these questions that we have to answer throughout these 13 shows."

Watch the video for an advanced clip from the show, where a mysterious figures finds his way on to Halle's spacecraft. Cue the suspense!

Extant premieres Wednesday night on CBS.

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