Behind The Scenes of 'The Lottery': A Glimpse Into A Dystopian Future


Lifetime's newest drama fast forwards nearly 10 years into a dystopian future where women mysteriously stop giving birth and ET is taking you behind the scenes of the series.

The year is 2025 and it's been six years since the last child was born.  Do they have your attention yet?

If this sounds familiar it's probably because this series comes from Timothy J. Sexton, the Oscar-nominated writer of 2006's Children Of Men. In the film, starring Clive Owen, Sexton explores a chaotic world driven by a global infertility crisis. And if that is any indication, then The Lottery is shaping up to be a thrilling ride.

The Lottery stars Mary Shelton as the scientist who could be mankind's last hope.

"My character, Dr. Allison Lenon, has successfully fertilized the first embryos," Shelton explains. "This is a massive scientific breakthrough; the government is involved and it takes off from there."

Dr. Lenon doesn't get off that easy as the government seizes control of the embryos and holds a national lottery to determine who will carry and raise the children.

"It's about survival of the species. There are all sorts of agendas and secret plots," Shelton adds.

The Lottery premieres Sunday on Lifetime.