Ryan Gosling in a Loin Cloth Wins #TBT


Before Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson roars into theaters this weekend in Hercules, it's only fitting that we share this amazing throwback clip of another famous face who once donned the loin cloth himself as a Young Hercules.

Yes, that’s Ryan Gosling as the title character in 1998’s Young Hercules just before becoming the Hollywood dreamboat that he is today. The show was a spin-off of the popular TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, starring Kevin Sorbo.

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Who knew back then that Young Ry Gos as the mighty Herc would go on to be an Oscar-nominated actor and the object of one of the Internet's most popular memes (Hey girl, you know which one)?! But it's a role that doesn't seem to faze the actor.

In a 2013 interview while promoting the film Gangster Squad, a reporter asked Gosling if there was one performance from his career he felt was not appreciated as well as it should be. His response? His turn as Young Hercules, of course.

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"I had a fake tan, leather pants," Gosling said. "I was fighting imaginary monsters-- they weren't really there, but I was acting like they were there. So..."

The series was short lived and only lasted for one season. But thankfully we have this clip to remind us of its campy awesomeness. Watch the video to see Ryan as the young Greek God endure a major wedgie. Hey girl, you heard that right. Enjoy!

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