'The Big Bang Theory' at Comic-Con: Watch the Trailer for Penny's Failed Movie-Plus Season 8 Scoop!

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Calling all geeks, nerds, and lovers of great TV—it's time to talk about The Big Bang Theory!

CBS' long-running hit series, is approaching their eight season and to celebrate the sure-to-be hilarious new batch of episodes, the writers and executive producers of The Big Bang Theory took over Ballroom 20 at Comic-Con and unleashed new details of what's to come.

Read on for sneak peek scoop of what's next for Sheldon and Amy's relationship, whether or not we will ever see Mrs. Wolowitz, learn Penny's last name or get the elevator fixed, and if there are Big Bang Theory babies on the way.

Plus, get ready to go bananas, because we've got your first look at the trailer for Penny's hot mess of a movie, Serial Apeist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill. (Trust us when we tell you that this is the best/worst thing you will see all day!)

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Penny's Last Name:
Each and every year at Comic-Con the fans ask if we will even finally get to learn Penny's last name. Here was executive producer Steve Molaro's response this time: "At this point we've come so far that it's a bit of a superstition for us, so if and when Penny and Leonard get married we'll figure it out at that point."

The Big Ending:
For those of you who are thinking ahead, have you ever wondered how The Big Bang Theory might end? The executive producers certainly have! Unfortunately they're keeping the details very hush-hush. "I have thoughts, but I'm not going to say them right now," Molaro teased.

That Shamy Kiss:
Despite Sheldon's dramatic departure at the end of season seven, the writers promise that Sheldon and Any will continue to develop their "own weird brand of happiness." Molaro explained that their Valentine's Day kiss is the perfect example of just how far Sheldon has come emotionally and cements the fact that he never wants to lose Amy. Fun-Fact: There is a never-before-seen version of the kiss scene in which Sheldon and Amy shared a "kinder and gentler" kiss on the train.

Leonard and Penny's I Dos:
Fans cried all of the happy tears when Penny finally let Leonard put a ring on it, but although they are engaged, don't expect a wedding anytime soon. "They're not going to rush," Molaro spilled. "Penny's first goal is to put the date far enough in the future so that everyone knows for a fact that she is not pregnant."

Professor Proton:
If you cried all the tears when Bob Newhart's Emmy award-winning character, Professor Proton, died last season, we’ve got good news! Executive producer, Steve Molaro teased that since Professor Proton became the Obi-Wan Kenobi to Sheldon's Luke Skywalker, there is definitely a chance that he could come back.

The Little Bang Theory:
So who wants to hear the pitter-patter of little feet along with our favorite Big Bang characters? Certainly not the writers! Molaro firmly revealed that "there are no plans for babies at any point" in the future of the series. Could you imagine Sheldon around a baby? We think this is probably best for everyone.

Elevator Problems:
The very first scene of BBT was Sheldon and Leonard huffing it up the stairs of their building, so will these guys get the chance to take a break and step inside a renovated elevator? Nope! Executive Producer Bill Prady explained that they love the "walk and talk" aspect of the staircase scenes and the writers love the "organic" conversations that come out of the characters. Plus, Prady joked, "I think those stairs are the only exercise those guys are going to get."

Star Wars
In an episode in season seven, Star Wars stars, James Earl Jones and Carrie Fisher came on and this was actually when they met for the very first time in. "One really cool thing is James Earl Jones only voiced Darth Vader and he was never on the [Star Wars] set," Molaro said. "So the first time James and Carrie ever met in person was on the Big Bang Theory set. And when they approached each other the first thing Carrie said was, "Dad!"

Comic Book Comeback:
Rejoice, superhero fans! Molaro revealed, "There will be a comic book store in the future, we're figuring out how exactly that will work out but the show will not go on without a comic book store, I promise you."

The Elusive Mrs. Wolowitz:
Many fans have been dying to know when they will finally be introduced to Howard's mother, and the writers were quick to point something out: Apparently we already have! "When the google camera pulls back at Howard and Bernadette's wedding, you see Mrs. Wolowitz on the roof. She's the big pink blob." Mystery solved!

Monkey Problems:
Check out the first look at the trailer for Penny and Wil Wheaton's awesomely horrible flick, Serial Ape-Ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill. In addition to some pretty great acting, the final line of the trailer boasts: "This film is not yet rated, but don’t worry, she gets naked in it."

Season of The Big Bang Theory premieres Monday, Sept. 22 on CBS.

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