Conan O'Brien Gets the 'OITNB' Beauty Treatment

Team Coco

Sophia Burset is taking over Conan's dressing room.

Orange Is the New Black
actress Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia on the Netflix show, stepped in to style Conan O'Brien's trademark hair 'do on the show's cold open on Monday, and she has some strong opinions about the host's look.

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"Are you married to this whole style thing you got going here," Cox (as Sophia) inquires about his coif.

Looking a bit concerned, O'Brien reacts, "I've had my hair like this for 30 years."

"You need to understand that you are turning off a huge segment of the demographic that you could be reaching," she tells the late-night personality. "People are afraid of clowns! I'm scared just looking at you!"

Cox isn't the only OITNB star that shows up in Conan's dressing room. Galina 'Red' Reznikov also appears ...sorta.

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