Why 'NCIS' is the No. 1 Show in the World


CBS's long-running crime drama NCIS is not only the No. 1 show in America, it's also the highest-rated drama in the entire world. We caught up with the cast and found out why this show is loved around the globe.

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"[NCIS] is seen in over 200 markets in the world," said President and CEO of CBS Global Distribution Group Armando Nunez. "It's dubbed and subtitled into 59 different languages."

So what do the actors think of being broadcasted in so many countries?

"If Gibbs is speaking all those languages that's a good thing because I struggled with year three Spanish," said Mark Harmon. "It's interesting to go into a hotel room and turn it on. It's hard to get away from."

On set the stars toasted their success with sparkling cider, while President of CBS Television Studios David Stapf explained the show's allure.

"It hits those universal themes -- right winning over wrong," said Stapf. "It has heart, it has humor, it has characters that you fall in love with."