11 Reasons Jane Fonda Owns a Ryan Gosling Chair

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Talk about a hot seat.

Talk about a hot seat.

Oscar winner Jane Fonda was snapped hitting the town while carrying a chair that has Ryan Gosling's face on it.

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First off, whoever came up with this chair deserves a medal. Ryan Gosling chair is the best thing. No matter who you are, guy or girl, we can probably all agree that the guy from Drive and The Notebook should have his face on all the chairs. But we wanted to know why this is the perfect chair for Jane Fonda specifically.

Can't think of a reason? Hey girl, here's eleven reasons Jane Fonda has a Ryan Gosling chair.

1. To match her Ryan Gosling couch.

2. The best chairs are sturdy, strong, silent types.

3. To have heated seats without running up the energy bill.

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4. To make Eva Mendes' chair jealous.

5. Reminder to check if Lars and the Real Girl is on Netflix Instant.

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6. So Ryan Gosling knows he always has a seat in the Fonda household.

7. Because having a Cher chair would just be ridiculous.

8. It was a gift from someone who is obviously the best gift giver ever.

9. It's the sexiest way to tame lions.

10. It had the best lumbar emotional support.

11. For her upcoming Netflix series Grace and Frankie. (Okay, mercy street... this is the real reason, but aren't the other ones more fun?)

You can catch Gracie and Frankie on Netflix sometime next year.

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