Savannah Guthrie Begins Maternity Leave, Talks Pregnancy at 42


Savannah Guthrie gave emotional farewell to the TODAY show on Monday as she left for maternity leave -- but not before a sippy-cup toast.

"My heart is full, I'll miss you guys," the 42-year-old mom-to-be said as her co-anchors toasted her with apple juice.

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She added of her pregnancy, "It's been so fun, it's such a surreal thing to go through it on TV like this... it has gone fast and I've been so lucky, I haven't felt bad or anything, mostly.

The morning show co-anchor has been tracking her nine-month journey on TODAY, but neither her nor her Mike Feldman know if they're having a boy or girl.

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Guthrie is just grateful to be having her own bundle of joy. "God has blessed me beyond measure," she wrote on her TODAY blog. "At 42 years old, I had every reason to think I may have missed my chance. I don’t know why things worked out as they did. But there is only one possible response: to be full of gratitude and praise, and to point to the source of this incredible blessing."

 She concluded her post: "I send a big hug to all of you …. and I promise to share any baby news on TODAY in the coming days!"

Leave your well wishes for the mom-to-be, below.