Is Peyton and Eli Manning's Latest Attempt at Rapping a Touchdown?


Peyton and Eli Manning are showing off their musical side again in a new commercial for DIRECTV. Titled Fantasy Football Fantasy, the new video is just as out of control as their Football On Your Phone ad was last year that ended up quickly going viral, banking more than 8,000,000 views.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite moments from the quarterback brothers new video.

1. The name Fantasy Football Fantasy. If you had to do a double take … don’t worry, we did too.

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2. Eli’s pre-fantasy getup. The white shorts, lime green sweater, and pink collared shirt make him look super-preppy and like he just got back from a Hampton’s getaway.

3. The incredible amount of fog machines used. So.much.fog. The word fantasy is in the title twice, I think we get that this situation is not supposed to be real.

4. The mention of nacho cheese. Sounds yummy and the visual is just as glorious as we could have ever hoped for.

5. The guys in the back of the dancers while Eli and Peyton are rapping. Like… who are they and why can’t they dance with everyone else?

6. This line, “like an endzone that ends in a waterfall.” It sounds fun, and we wish it could happen too actually.

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7. The guest appearances. Chris Johnson, Joe Namath, and Archie Manning all joined in the fun and it’s wonderful.

8. Eli’s entire fantasy. This definitely steals the show. He’s on a horse that’s wild and free, and they travel to space together. He then realizes there’s no sound in space, but he keeps singing anyways, his dad appears, they bring up the fact that football is sandwiched between two fantasies. He then gets hungry because he’s talking about sandwiches. Oh, and the moon has Peyton’s face.

Check out the video above to see more of the Fantasy Football Fantasy video and the other times the Manning brothers have gotten together to show off their funny side.