Taylor Lautner Plays Andy Samberg's Son On BBC Series 'Cuckoo'

BBC Three

On the BBC Three comedy Cuckoo, a normal, proper English parents Ken and Lorna have their lives turned upside down when their daughter comes back from a year-long vacation married to a "spiritual ninja" named Cuckoo – played by the deliriously funny Andy Samberg.

The second season of Cuckoo is coming soon, but the eponymous character has died. However, replacing Samberg as the wacky, spiritual weirdo is Cuckoo's son, played by Taylor Lautner.

While Lautner is best known for his work as Jacob in the Twilight series, and his abs, in the new season of Cuckoo he's playing a decidedly funnier and much weirder character. And, he's brought along a comedy beard to ad gravitas to his insane performance.

Lautner brings Samberg's manic energy and weirdness to the series, as well as serious comedic chops. The first episode aired and his performance has been met with rave reviews from impressed critics who had been waiting to see if Lautner could fill Samberg's shoes.

Check out this clip from the new season of Cuckoo, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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