'House of Cue Cards' Is the Perfect 'House of Cards' Parody


Jimmy Fallon parodies 'House of Cards' perfectly.

Jimmy Fallon's impersonation of House of Cards character Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is pretty good, but Ellen Barkin's portrayal of Robin Wright's role as Claire Underwood is even better.

Tuesday's Tonight Show took a turn when host Fallon started talking to camera in a Southern accent. The parody of the Netflix show was brilliantly titled House of Cue Cards.

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Fallon and his team set out to prove that the Tonight Show really isn't that different than the political world in House of Cards. "Okay, I need the funniest, most gut-busting sketch ideas," the late-night host says to his writers authoritatively, just like Frank Underwood. "This is the Tonight Show so dig deep!"

Check out part two of House of Cue Cards, and you may also spot an Orange Is the New Black parody!

What do you think of Fallon's House of Cards spoof? Did he nail it?