9 Great TV Moments to Get You Pumped for the Emmys


The Emmy's are coming!

The Emmy's are coming! We're breaking down some of our favorite television moments before the big night on Monday. Check out the video to see these moments and more!

Warning: TV spoilers ahead

Breaking Bad – Tread Lightly

This year marks the final time the acclaimed series Breaking Bad will be nominated for an Emmy Award. Stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn have all snagged nominations -- for good reason! Our favorite scene this year comes from the season premiere’s second half, when Hank and Walter finally face off after four and a half seasons. Slipping back into Heisenberg mode, Walt offers his Brother-in-law some advice.

Game of Thrones – Tyrion's Speech

Tyrion's trial was one of the greatest television moments of all time. Not only for the writing, but for Peter Dinklage's outstanding performance. There Tyrion stands on trial for a crime we all know he did not commit, the woman he loves has just testified against him, and Tyrion has been pushed to a limit from which he will never return.

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The Good Wife – The Confrontation

The tension between Alicia (Julianna Marguiles) and Will (Josh Charles) has hit an all-time high when the two get into an explosive confrontation. The scene is pivotal, as we learn by season’s end that it’s the last moment together that Alicia will always regret.

True Detective – Ask the Right Questions

True Detective brought a new element to television this year. The show was more about the story as a whole rather than specific shocking moments. At the end of the first episode, Matthew McConaughey’s mysterious character Rust Coehle opens up the platform for the series while being an interrogated by a detective. The detective suggests Coehle should know the answers to which he responds, “Well you better start asking the right f***king questions.” End of episode. We were hooked from that point forward.

Homeland – Carrying a Secret

Our Homeland moment comes from the season finale last December -- the strange moment of calm before the storm. Carrie and Brody are together in a safe house where she reveals she's been carrying his child for the past four months. The moment is brief and we soon learn there is no possible chance of happiness between the two of them.

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Louie – The Fat Girl Tangent

Preach! This scene from Louie was one of the most impactful moments of television this year. When Louie tells his heavier-set date Vanessa that she's "not fat," Vanessa goes on a real and most epic tangent every person needs to see.

Girls – Adam Hates Maroon 5

Adam Driver gives a great silent performance during the opening of Girls. When Hannah and Shoshanna are hilariously jamming out to Maroon 5 on their road trip – Adam decides he isn't going to take it anymore.

Parks and Recreation – Leslie Meets FLOTUS

There are almost too many Leslie Knope moments to count, but Leslie's encounter with Michelle Obama is our winner from this season. Overcome with excitement, Leslie can't control the volume of her voice and yells at the First Lady -- Followed by an amazingly awkward high-five.

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Check out the video above to see these moments and more from this year's nominees.